New Setup

Buying a bow from us means not only getting all your accessories installed, but it also includes a free tuneup right from the start! This also includes professional help in getting you sighted in and ready to shoot!


Papertuning is one of our specialties and something we pride ourselves in. Ask any of our techs for more info and we'd be happy to set you up!

Broadhead Tuning

Ever wonder why your broadheads aren't shooting the same as your field points? We can tune your bow to shoot almost any broadhead on the market!

Arrow Fletching

We have an assortment of vanes, feathers, and all kinds of colors to choose from when you need arrows set up!

Wicked Strings

Building Custom Bowstrings is one of our specialties! Made out of BCY 452X, under tensions of 400 pounds to ensure minimal peep rotation. We also offer a variety of color options to choose from!